Fashion Buying(時尚買手),買手學院
HongKong Fashion Buyers Association
Hong Kong Fashion Buyers Association formerly known as Hong Kong Fashion Buyers club, upgraded to the Hong Kong fashion buyers Association on January 2011. It is an association gathered high-end buyers in Hong Kong and Hong Kong fashion designer business. Individual members are all well-known fashion buyers in Asia, most of them serve the well-known Hong Kong and Asian brands and store buyers. Such as: lane Crawford, it, Joyce, d-mop, shine, etc. Association has more than 100 company members, including hand-made clothing brand, buyer shops, clothing retailers……
Fashion Buying(時尚買手),買手店鋪,香港時尚買手協會
1850年   lane craw ford成立
1970年   第一屆香港時裝節
1973年   第一屆港姐選美大賽
1982年   Joyce成立香港潮流的
馬郭志清(joyce ma)
select shop各領風騷
2011年   本港買手俱樂部升級為
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吳宗恩 Jennifer
康虞茱迪 judy
Chairman of Lane Crawford JoyceGroup "Asia's Top 10 young fashion creative talents” named by "Time" magazine Wu Tsung-en (Jennifer) graduated from Wellesley College, USA, Department of Psychology. Wheelock & Co Ltd and Wharf, Chairman, Hong Kong billionaire Peter Woo's daughter; was also known as the Hong Kong ……   Judy Yu at Lanvin President of Asia Pacific in 1981. After that, she founded his own company Carsac Limited company, committed to the agent of the French brands: including of Lanvin, and not yet well known brand of great potential such as the Pylones (home products), Cristel ……
Joyce Ma
The first fashion buyer in Asia Awarded by the French government the highest honor of "Knight Medal of Honor”The founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Fashion group Joyce Boutique which is listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.Ma Guo Zhiqing (Joyce Ma), formerly known as Guo Zhiqing……
馬美儀 Adrienne
  Chairman of the Board and founder of the and Amma Retail, franchise partner of Moncler, the former Joyce president, from the Joyce founder’s family, joyce ma’s little daughter.In 1988, graduated from the Simmons College in United State, International Management……
馬郭志清 (Joyce Ma)  
Hilary Tsui
徐濠縈 Hilary Tsui
The president of It company
In 1988, Shen Jiawei and his brother operated a clothing store called "Green Peace" in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong and squares. Because of the clothes do not feature, in the early opening the store business was not good. Smart Chen Jiawei change their management……
  1993, made MV with Andy Lau and then worked as an actor, has been active until the end of the twentieth century began gradually fade. Xu Haoying's husband is the well-known Hong Kong singer Eason Chan. Worked as a fashion buyer for I.T. from 2003 to 2004. 2008 watch brand swatch named Xu Haoying……
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HongKong Fashion Buyers Association
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