Fashion Buying(時尚買手),買手學院
HongKong Fashion Buyers Association
Hong Kong Fashion Buyers Association formerly known as Hong Kong Fashion Buyers club, upgraded to the Hong Kong fashion buyers Association on January 2011. It is an association gathered high-end buyers in Hong Kong and Hong Kong fashion designer business. Individual members are all well-known fashion buyers in Asia, most of them serve the well-known Hong Kong and Asian brands and store buyers. Such as: lane Crawford, it, Joyce, d-mop, shine, etc. Association has more than 100 company members, including hand-made clothing brand, buyer shops, clothing retailers……
Fashion Buying(時尚買手),買手店鋪,香港時尚買手協會
1850年   lane craw ford成立
1970年   第一屆香港時裝節
1973年   第一屆港姐選美大賽
1982年   Joyce成立香港潮流的
馬郭志清(joyce ma)
select shop各領風騷
2011年   本港買手俱樂部升級為
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Innis Liu
Innis Liu
Steve 大施
Steve 大施
Buyers Director of The swank
Fashion Quotations
The buyer should have a balanced fashion vision into the next six months, to see who has not yet become the trend, from which to find this balance. We have to meet the needs of the guests, can not be blind to buy personality or fashion, but according to customers' needs. The most difficult thing is to grasp the point of balance between the current trends and future popular of fashion. 
  The fashion buyer of Hongkong Milan fashion style group and Milan station
Fashion Quotations:
Do not flaunt brand, talk with taste; whether according to body dressing, or dress fashion story or personal style. Dress clothes is the taste of life reproduction. Fashion Buyer is buying the product, selling culture; its core job is to study, study the guest fashion life attitude. My job is what is to our customers and our products to maintain the passion, let us buyers living and working to keep the passion, let every man of fashion life full of passion continuously.
Gary 王家聯 The fashion buyer of “Shine”
Gary didn`t accept any means of professional training, he relies on his talent and sensitive feeling.
Fashion Quotations:
A fashion buyer is not only travelling around the four major fashion capitals around world by planes for looking for clothes, shoes, hats, handbags, accessories what the customs like, but also stay in the store to read the report to understand the inventory and trading volume, and to commodity prices according to the company's gross margin policy, also list the new brand to replace the old shelves. They also have to make directly communication with the customers, on the one hand, understanding and analysis of customer psychology, on the other hand they provide advice.

Sarah Rutson

Gary 王家聯
  The fashion director of Hongkong lane crawfold, famous buyer. she will see approximately60quarterly show, one year 1/4time on the road. Responsible for detecting the subtle trend toward, explore new design talent, and the choice of each of a series of key items. In the past 10years, Sarah first introduced Earl Jeans, a low-rise jeans fashion trends. She also earlier have been introduced to Losangeles and some of New York's designer brands, soon after, these brands become every fashion editor's mind.


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