Fashion Buying(時尚買手),買手學院
HongKong Fashion Buyers Association
Hong Kong Fashion Buyers Association formerly known as Hong Kong Fashion Buyers club, upgraded to the Hong Kong fashion buyers Association on January 2011. It is an association gathered high-end buyers in Hong Kong and Hong Kong fashion designer business. Individual members are all well-known fashion buyers in Asia, most of them serve the well-known Hong Kong and Asian brands and store buyers. Such as: lane Crawford, it, Joyce, d-mop, shine, etc. Association has more than 100 company members, including hand-made clothing brand, buyer shops, clothing retailers……
Fashion Buying(時尚買手),買手店鋪,香港時尚買手協會
1850年   lane craw ford成立
1970年   第一屆香港時裝節
1973年   第一屆港姐選美大賽
1982年   Joyce成立香港潮流的
馬郭志清(joyce ma)
select shop各領風騷
2011年   本港買手俱樂部升級為
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fashion buying (時尚買手)MBA課程
In order to conform to the current rapid pace of change and the highly competitive fashion industry demand, the Hong Kong Fashion Buyers Associations introduced the Fashion buyer (fashion buyer) MBA program to the people who especially interested in fashion buyers industry.
The course covers the main aspects of the fashion field and teaches students about the procurement, retail, fashion and marketing expertise combined with the actual company management and about how to establish a strong connections and interaction among the above aspects, in order to ensure the dominant position of the company or brand in the market. This course is a strongly practical subject and what you learned from this course could be widely used in the daily operations of a fashion company.

Course Name

Fashion buyer-MBA




English and Chinese


HongKong Fashion Buyers Association香港時尚買手協會

Period of Study

3 weeks

Start date


Description of the course

  MBA is an education mode and one way of thinking; it does not only belong to the business sector and it also belongs to the fashion industry and the fashion buyers.
The Fashion buyer (fashion buyer) MBA program is designed to the people who interest in the business of fashion buyers and the marketing industry. By taking this course, students will receive the expertise of fashion buyers and ways of thinking. The course is also suitable for professional buyers who want to get further development.
By using the MBA teaching mode, this course will focus on expertise of fashion buyers and fashion marketing areas, which combines the operational flow of the MBA level academic experience and the reality of the professional field of fashion buyers, including fashion buyers, business operations and management of theoretical knowledge and Hong Kong to buy a hand case study analysis, and the One series of buyers, individual and team projects.
The course covers series of fashion buyers knowledge and skills, but also will be targeted to enhance the students` ability of carrying out theoretical knowledge under the current situation of Hong Kong and Greater China region, the skills include: collecting and operating products information, fabric planning and procurement. OTB offers design and best-selling product planning, like clothing or product procurement and professional exchanges, commercial operation. The most featured part of the course is the close contact with international buyers and the current fashion, which provides students with professional knowledge and the subject of actual combat practice.

Curriculum Focal Points

Focus on fashion and fashion buyers
The first fashion buyers MBA training classes system-related courses designed to develop hand field of the top buyers to buy from Hong Kong fashion
Case to Hong Kong buyers for the core courses to enhance knowledge about the fashion and luxury market, emphasizing the way of integration of the global relations, international procurement and exchange.


HK professional fashion buyer professor
     Truly Hong Kong fashion buyer, MBA-style fashion buyers professor and buyers have the background or in-service lane Crawford and Milan Station, it, Joyce, the swank and other buyers, shops and brands to provide a timely fashion to buy hand case studies and operational guidance.
Unparalleled fashion buyers and professional fashion buyers, knowledge and bought by fashion in Hong Kong and Greater China as senior buyers, the implementation of Professor in the hand for five years or more. Their procurement perspective and globalization buy hand operational thinking to ensure that the Hong Kong fashion buyers in the world fashion industry's position.


時尚買手fashion buyer
產品經理poduct Manager
銷售經理-Merchandising Manager
自由職業顧問-Freelance Consultant
經銷經理-Distribution Manager
客戶關係經理-Customer Relation Manager

Application requires

1. A university degree (fashion or fashion design, marketing, economics, business administration and international trade professional has the priority admission)
2.More than one year of Clothing or relevant industry work experience

Entrance tests

1. personal resume and learning application
2. Phone test from a course director
3. online test


Students who completed the full course and submitted to the fashion buyers project papers and qualified audit certificate issued after the adoption of the Hong Kong Fashion Buyers Association of International fashion buyers to buy a hand-Association of Academic Committee and via Hong Kong fashion

香港時尚買手協會所有教育项目,均放在直属单位MODA-MBA(Moda college of fashion)进行。
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