Fashion Buying(時尚買手),買手學院
HongKong Fashion Buyers Association
Hong Kong Fashion Buyers Association formerly known as Hong Kong Fashion Buyers club, upgraded to the Hong Kong fashion buyers Association on January 2011. It is an association gathered high-end buyers in Hong Kong and Hong Kong fashion designer business. Individual members are all well-known fashion buyers in Asia, most of them serve the well-known Hong Kong and Asian brands and store buyers. Such as: lane Crawford, it, Joyce, d-mop, shine, etc. Association has more than 100 company members, including hand-made clothing brand, buyer shops, clothing retailers……
Fashion Buying(時尚買手),買手店鋪,香港時尚買手協會
1850年   lane craw ford成立
1970年   第一屆香港時裝節
1973年   第一屆港姐選美大賽
1982年   Joyce成立香港潮流的
馬郭志清(joyce ma)
select shop各領風騷
2011年   本港買手俱樂部升級為
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Certification Of the International fashion buyers

Hong Kong fashion buyer Association

In principle,international qualifications, and industry recognition according to the standards of international fashion buyers industry.

Exam Content:
International fashion buyers provide feasibility of the project plans of a real or simulated brand distributors, fashion collection of multi-brand stores, or buyer system fashion brand.
Provide a copy of operation of the case summary report of the applicant made in the past.

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Remote examiner

Review Time:
February and August each year.

Examination fee: (including the certificate fee)
Members: HK $ 2000
Non-members: HK $ 2500

Please return the completed exam registration form, together with
(1) the examination fee (reclaim the examination fee if not pass, but have 2 supplementary examination opportunities)
(2) three passport size photos (with the name written in the photo behind)
(3) degree certificate
(4) ID card
(5) proof of work
(6) the project plan and the successful case summary report (ppt)
Sent to Hong Kong fashion buyers Association.

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